Jul 31, 2012

Highlights from the Mooresville Educator Panel...

How has the Digital Conversion changed the lives of our educators?
-opened up the world outside of Mooresville
-provides desire to furnish excellent opportunities for students
-makes things relevant and engaging to our students, empowering them
-students are educating teachers
-creates real-world applications

How did you get started with the Digital Conversion?
-step back and allow the students (and teachers!) to take risks and make mistakes
-begin small and take small steps
-support staff members and hold high expectations
-give up some control in the classroom in order to support student learning
-prepare to be flexible

How do new teachers integrate with the Digital Conversion environment?
-use mentors and fellow staff members as a support system
-attend the MGSD Summer Institute for learning
-work with Technology Facilitators at individual schools
-provide early professional development for expectations

How can students with special needs be successful in the digital environment?
-use digital resources with individualized instruction to improve deficits
-provide access for students and modify to their levels
-give students access to resources aligned with their learning needs (audio, visual, text-to-speech, etc.)
-create differentiated groups and assignments in Angel courses, DiscoveryEducation, and other online resources
-all students are given the resources to complete projects

How does the classroom management work?
-begin with being able to see all the screens
-use your regular monitoring and proximity
-set high expectations
-learn to trust the students

What does assessment look like?
-Angel offers a digital tool that automatically grades and gives data on student answers
-look at performance-based projects
-assessment is quick so that you can spend time analyzing and using data to enhance student performance

How high is student engagement?
-sky high when students are interested
-providing time to learn a new tool helps student motivation
-students' characteristics and stages of development play a part
-allow students to encourage each other

What was your turning point in buying in to the Digital Conversion?
-having supportive Technology Facilitators available
-having the trust and support of the administrators
-seeing the students take ownership

Do you filter your internet?
-yes, we have changed products over the past few years
-filtering is a process and can be modified depending on school and student
-err on what is best for students and the instructional application

How do you encourage teachers to get on board with a Digital Conversion?
-provide the support and opportunities
-give feedback and encourage teachers to give peer feedback
-deliver help for struggling teachers
-keep students first
-share encouragement through Professional Learning Communities
-empower teacher leaders who care about children

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