Aug 5, 2012

The Getting Smart blog discusses MGSD and Project RED.  Read more here.

Aug 3, 2012

Aug 2, 2012

Superintendent Panel Questions Continued...

What's your biggest challenge?
-keeping everyone on the same page
-educating new teachers
-communicating the vision and promoting the benefit it will create for students
-focusing on managing all the coming changes
-finding the funding
-transforming the classroom learning by supporting the teachers
-having the patience to go through the process
-changing the culture of education
-continuing the process while still building the plans

What are you going to do to ramp up your game to make a 1:1 initiative work?
-be in classrooms more, do tours, meet with community members, work with companies, share successes, be involved in staff development
-become more of an advocate within my community, communicate with staff our intended direction
-give teachers opportunities to lead, continuing pushing for progress
-communicate clearly with stakeholders, model for staff
-highlight great teaching and lessons, support staff
-create a buzz, allow staff to see 1:1 models first hand, provide resources for teachers to be successful
-learn from others as much as possible
-model expectations for staff
Superintendent Panel Overview:

-superintendents have opportunities to change communities
-it's more about changing cultures and PLCs than about the technology tools
-caring about kids is most important
-creating a detailed plan of action with the right people in place is critical
-ready to build teams, collaboration, and an interdependence
-when the community embraces the vision, change is permanent
-put students first
-ready to help our teachers become successful

Why is this digital conversion topic important to you professionally and personally?
-have my own children and want the best for them
-seen how a 1:1 initiative can get students engaged in learning
-implementing a 1:1 takes us out of the cycle of education "rut" and increases learning in young people
-personal faith drives decisions for school
-aiming for excellence
-share the excitement with your teachers and school leaders
-passionate about what's best for students: whatever we have to do
-gives us an opportunity for a positive direction
-we celebrate learning
-it's a better way to do school
-kindergarteners teaching school know more than we do
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Here are resources for managing your classroom in a 1:1 setting.  Also, check out

Aug 1, 2012

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