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Aug 1, 2012

Visit our Digital Conversion website to see FAQs, a timeline for our implementation, and much more.
Need some ideas to get started on Challenge Based Learning Projects?
Curious about icurio?  Visit their site and learn how they make learning personal.
Reading teachers and lovers, have you seen for sharing book recommendations?  MGSD teacher Sarah Dillard embeds Shelfari onto her website and students use the resource for book reviews!
Michelle Izzo has students use rubrics in Google Forms to evaluate each other while giving presentations in class.  Check out for information about setting up Google Forms.  Students can provide timely feedback to peers using this resource.

This 2010 Mooresville graduate shares his overseas experiences.  He credits MGSD for sparking his interests in world issues.

The middle school student in this video describes a way he extended a school project to meet his needs and show his creativity.

Four intermediate school students tell about an Ancient Wonders project they completed!  You can also find all the student testimonials in Angel.  Go to the 2012 Summer Connection group > Lessons tab > Student Testimonials Video folder > download the video file.